Too busy?  Let us bring our dental office to you.
24 hours a day. 

Dentistry at Home


We can complete dental xrays and treatment in the comfort of your own home. 


Too busy to make it to the dental office?  Let us come to you!  We can bring our dental office to your home and take care of your dental exam, cleaning, xrays, and fillings.  We can also provide teeth bleaching and other services, as needed. 

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Nursing Home Dentistry

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We bring our dental office to your nursing home or living facility.


We have provided nursing home care for many patients in a wide range of living facilities.  We have been able to provide care while our patients are in their most comfortable chair, wheelchair, or in bed.  

We enjoy providing care for you or your loved one in a nursing home, skilled facility, or any location where you may be at ease.  


After Hours Visits


For after hours emergencies, we can bring our dental office to your  home or hotel room. 


There's nothing worse than a toothache with no dentist around.  If you find yourself in this situation, we would love to help.  We provide after hours dental services where our team will come to your door.

Whether you are a Hawai'i resident or on vacation, we are here to help.  We bring all of our mobile equipment and supplies, including our dental x-ray technology.