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I am so grateful to Dr. Vargas for getting me on an emergency basis and for her kindness and caring for a very long and complicated procedure— her assistant was also great. I felt so confident that I was getting the best care possible and would recommend Dr Vargas to anyone traveling to Maui. I will be forever grateful that she was able to get me in in such a timely manner as I was in extreme pain.
Thank you , Dr.Vargas!
— Marie L., Junction City, OR
I could find no other dentist that would work with my special needs son. Dr. Gupta and her staff have done everything humanly possible to help my son and have been beyond satisfactory in explaining treatment and procedures. These women are saints. If I could tell the world, I would. Without the love and care of these dedicated women, my son would live in pain and discomfort forever. I can never explain how proud I am to know such special women. I often have a difficult time finding intelligent, kind, and patient people in my constant quest to find help for my child. I have never met any people as a team that have been so supportive and kind. I wish there were more individuals like yourselves. I have a better outlook on life and what can be accomplished when the right people cross your path. I am humble and blessed.
— Dolena, mother of special needs son, Kona Hospital
I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for your exemplary, professional and compassionate care you entire staff provided to myself recently. Thank you, Dr. Vargas for your warm, welcoming guidance, concern and assistance in helping me, a new patient, feel most at home and special. Andrea, thank you for taking the time to advise and go out of your way to help and assist with my situation.
— Jonathan, Maui resident
Dr. Vargas and team are incredible! My 11 year-old son broke both of his front teeth after hours - we didn’t want to go to ER and he was in a lot of pain because the nerve was exposed. They met us at their office for an emergency visit at 8:45pm and worked until late in the night to repair the teeth and the result is beautiful! Dr. Vargas and her team talked everything through very thoroughly with my son to make sure he was comfortable and their calm demeanor helped ease his fear tremendously. Dr. Vargas did incredible work with his teeth and they look better than before... kudos to this team and thank you both!
— Gage B., Kihei, HI
“Eli you have a dentist appointment with Dr. Gupta and Dr. Vargas today”. “yeah! I love the dentist”.
Well I can’t tell you how happy this grandmother was hearing those word. Specially since when we first started his dental needs were very extensive, including baby root canals and tooth extractions.
I had started out my search determined to find a dentist who would make the experience for him a good one, without the pain or fear we sometimes carry for a lifetime. I walked in and out of places that didn’t allow me to go in with Eli, at least to meet the doctor, or had over crowded waiting rooms full of children.
Eventually I had to take him to my own dentist who after examining him explained how extensive his work was and recommended Dr. Gupta’s office. I made the call, an appointment was set up that week. After Eli’s first appointment which included a tooth extraction we returned home just as his numbing was wearing off. No pain that night and none the next day. As a matter of fact he fell asleep at one appointment during a baby root canal.
He now enjoys his little routine of brushing and flossing, and before school even a little mouth wash. His teeth look beautiful with white fillings and pink health gums. And most importantly he is not afraid.
Dr. Gupta and Dr. Vargus took the time with Eli to make his experience a healthy one. They helped to set up the appointments is sessions that made it more affordable and in a timely manner consistent with Ei’s needs. They made Eli feel so comfortable with their personal touch, and gentle hands that this 6 year old boy now has a little pride in caring for his teeth, and for this I am forever grateful. Thank you so much Dr. Gupta,and Dr Vargas, what a team.... Aloha.
— Eli's grandma
I am all smiles and wanted to thank you once again for everything that you did to accommodate me in an emergency situation.
The meticulous care you showed to me was way beyond expectation. Why, even during regular business hours such care would have been exceptional but you went even further to make your patient happy and satisfied before, during, and after the procedure on a Saturday! Thank you so much.
You are a wonderful doctor and a very empathetic person. The world is a better place because of you.
— Kelly S., Makawao, HI
Dr. Gupta and the office manager, opened their office to me at midnight on a Saturday night in the week before Christmas for a dental emergency, completely eliminated my dental pain and treated me with great kindness and warmth. The treatment was conservative and I am happy to report that no pain has returned after their treatment, so I’m hopeful that an extraction or other dental surgery will not be necessary. I couldn’t recommend this group highly enough, as professionals and as humans.
— Mae W., Sorrento, Canada
I have a very busy life so it can be difficult to take time off to go to the dentist. It was a wonderful experience when Dr. Gupta made a house call with her assistant. She cleaned my teeth, did x-rays and I even had a filling. Dr. Gupta and her staff were very professional and the convenience was incredible. Thank you Dr. Gupta!
— Dr. Felicitas, Livaudais, MD.
You were so kind and informative from the beginning and we really appreciate everything you have done for my sister. Thank you so much for always checking up on her while she was in the hospital and after her dental treatment. Thank you so much.
— Agapay family
Your staff was extremely helpful in expediting the procedures we needed with courtesy, efficiency and grace. Thank you.
— Mary, mother of patient
Dr. Gupta is just a very happy person and easy to get along with. I found that she is also extremely informed. She’s definitely wonderful with kids. If my family, friends and I could use her on a full time basis, I know we all definitely would.

She is very aware of a person’s concerns, fears, how to handle you as a person and not just their dental problems. For example, I am very fearful of needles and she knew exactly how to handle my fears of needles which is very intense, much more intense than the average person. She just kept calm, which kept me calm and relaxed. She knows how to use the correct words not to escalate the situation, which is something that a lot of doctor’s don’t know how to do. Overall, I felt like she was very much aware of me as a person, my environment, and she knew the right language to use. She’s a very caring health care provider who treats the overall individual; the whole mind, body and of course, the mouth.
— Nikole M., Kihei, HI
Dr. Gupta is passionate about dental health and preventative maintenance, so much so that she even gave my dog a full oral exam. She is conservative in her approach, thorough, and pleasant. She loves what she does and it is apparent.
— J.D., San Francisco, CA
We LOVE Maui Dental Group so much that my fiancé’ and I drive from the other side of the island to see them. They always get us in a timely fashion and the dentist personally calls the next day to follow and how we are doing. Dr. Gupta and her team are extremely knowledgeable, professional, and kind. I always feel confident that they are giving me the best care possible and I especially appreciate the way they answer all my questions and don’t let me leave until I fully understand the treatment plan from start to finish. My treatment plan is fully detailed in their files, so that every member of their staff is able to reference it and know exactly what is going on with me. I love that!!!! Not only are they all so extremely nice and easy to work with, they also really know their stuff.
— Summer W., Lahaina, HI
My family and I had the best experience at Maui Dental Group. Dr. Vargas was thorough, gentle, and professional. Andrea was also very helpful and welcoming. I cannot say enough great things about our experience. The best dental check-up my family and I have ever had!!
— Jill P., Kihei, HI
I was on the plane in Portland, on my way to Maui and a capped tooth fell out. The next day I called Maui Dental Group and they got me in the same day. Dr. Vargas and everyone else in the office were so helpful and so friendly. Dr. Vargas ordered a flipper for me and in two days it was in, and I could enjoy the rest of my vacation. Thank you Dr. Vargas and everyone else on her team. If I lived on Maui, Maui Dental Group is where I would go.
— Nancy M., Spokane, WA
We had an emergency during our honeymoon and we got rejected by other dentists “sorry the doctor has no time today for you” then we found the team of Maui dental group. And they have been extraordinary friendly and helpful. We were treated very professional and very quick. Now we can go on enjoying our honeymoon. Thank you very much to all of Maui dental group! It was so nice meeting you! The place where they are located is a little bit hard to find but if you need a dentist, call them, they have a 24/7 emergency number and it is totally worth it.
— Maik K., Augsburg, Germany